Cash Back Program

What’s the deal?


When you buy a MLS® listed home with me I’ll give you $1,000 cash back (via cheque) 3 to 5 business days after completion to help you offset some of the transaction costs (inspections, legal fees, etc.).


Marko, but what happened to the “50% Cash Back Program?”


In the summer of 2010 I became a REALTOR® and rolled out the “50% cash back program.”  It quickly became very popular and in my first full year I received the Gold MLS® Award (top 10%) with 28 transactions. By 2014 I was selling over 80 properties per year and was often working over 80 hours per week.  Five years after launch on September 1st, 2015 I cancelled the “50% cash back program” to spend more time with my family and to focus more time on my personal portfolio of rental investment properties.


I am happy to work with qualified buyers, but the “50% cash back program” is no longer a core business model I offer; if cash back is a high priority please email me and I will happily recommend REALTORS® who may be offering a more attractive model.