Recommended Professionals

1. Home inspectors in Victoria, B.C.

i. Russ McCarthy from Barnes & Co.

ii.  James Parr from Safe and Sound Home Inspection

iii. Marty Erletz from

iv.  InspecTech Building Inspections

2. Drain tile inspection

i Brett from

ii. Rod from Rival-Rooter

iii. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

iv.  RainTek Drainage & Irrigation

3. Electrical inspection

i.  ARQ Electrical Systems

ii.  A T&T Electric. Ph: 250-383-7167 or 250-744-4550

4. WETT inspection

i. Pro.Sweep

5. Licenced buried oil tank scan companies in Victoria, B.C.

i.  Victoria Tank Service Limited. Ph: 250-385-8221

ii. ScanPlus.

iii.  Western utilities.

iv. Wittich Environmental (soil testing).

6. Septic inspectors

i.  Digger Dale Contracting.

7. Well water inspectors

i.  Ayre Pump Services. Ph: 250-474-5627

8. Geotechnical services

i.  Ryzuk Geotechnical Engineering.

9.  Plumbing services

i.  Dan from Hillside Plumbing. Ph: 250-881-5778

10.  Asbestos site assessment and testing

i.  Pacific Environmental Consulting

11.  Lawyers & Notary

i.  Dawson Mullin from Dawson Mullin Law (Lawyer). Ph: 250-590-1154 Email:

ii. Peter Nikolich from Peter Nikolich Law Corporation (Lawyer). Ph: 250-388-6600

iii.  Sabrina Hanousek from Notaries on Douglas (Notary).

12.  Archaeology Site Data Requet  Form

i.  BC Goverment

Other Resources

Home Buyers’ Plan
Qualifying home buyers can withdraw up to $25,000 (couples can withdraw up to $50,000) from their RRSPs for a down payment. Home buyers who have repaid their RRSP may be eligible to use the program a second time. Canada Revenue Agency.  Website:

BC Property Transfer Tax (PTT) First Time Home Buyers’ Program

Qualifying first-time buyers may be exempt from paying the PTT of 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the remainder of the purchase price of a home priced up to $500,000. There is a proportional exemption for homes priced up to $525,000.

BC Home Owner Grant

Reduces school property taxes by up to $570 on properties with an assessed value up to $1,150,000. For 2011, the basic grant is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of value over $1,150,000, and eliminated on homes assessed at $1,264,000. An additional grant reduces property tax by a further $275 for a total of $845 for seniors, veterans and the disabled. This is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value over $1,150,000 and eliminated on homes assessed at $1,319,000 or more.

B.C. Real Estate New Home HST/GST Calculator

Condo Resources

Condominium Buyers’ Guide

The Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation has a document available called the “Condominium Buyer’s Guide.” It’s a guide to help you become an informed condominium buyer and to help you make the best choice.  It is available here ->