TJI Joists vs. Dimensional Lumber and other stuff people don’t look for when buying a home!

Consumers seem to be more interested in the colour of the kitchen than the actual quality of construction.

Buying a pre-sale single family home in Victoria, B.C…should you have it inspected?

In my opinion, instead of spending your money inspecting during construction or on completion a better choice would be to inspect the home before the various 2-5-10 year stages of the warranty expire.

We know you don’t have a crystal ball….but where do you think the market is headed in Victoria?

If I had any clue I wouldn’t be selling real estate.

Real Estate Investing in Victoria, B.C.; failed sell existing condo and buy pre-sale idea!

2017 Update – What does it cost per square to build a home in Victoria, B.C.?

Update for 2017 – In terms of construction costs (land excluded) you can build a solid home for approximately $150 to $160 per square foot. At $200 per square foot you should be getting into a very nice home and beyond $300 per square foot is for the pure custom homes. Prices can be dramatically affected by type of building lot, heating system, and finishing. For example, you can spend $8,000 on Milgard windows or $40,000 on Pella windows. Pricing can also vary by municipality and make sure to add the square footage of the garage into calculations.

Investment condos Victoria, B.C., to rent furnished or unfurnished?

Personally, I’ve had good experiences renting my units furnished for several reasons outline in the video.

Garden suites in the City of Victoria, rezoning waived, but will they really be easier to build?

What no one has bothered to bring up is garden suite building permits will require a BC Housing owner-builder authorization which involved an impossible to pass exam, so good luck with the process 🙂

What type of buyer demographic is going to buy your home…..who cares!

Evaluating a buyer demographic is important in sale, but the problem in real estate is all buyers whether young or old are using the same tool to find a home; MLS®.

Yates on Yates by Chard Development – Exciting Condo Pre-Sale Victoria, B.C.

In my opinion this is the most exciting pre-sale since the Encore by Bosa!

Victoria, B.C. Real Estate Market 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Predictions

2016 was a crazy year…..what will 2017 bring?