Calgary Real Estate market versus Victoria, B.C. Real Estate!

Night and day difference!

The practical components of owning a rental property – appliances!


Expensive appliances can be both expensive and a headache to replace down the road when they start to age.

I sold a house that three REALTORS® before me couldn’t! Really?

What price was the house listed at with the previous three REALTORS®? Bet you it was higher!

Victoria, B.C., real estate market update for the 1st quarter!

We are moving away from a prolonged buyers’ market more towards a more balanced market. For VREB stats –


Heated tile floors add great value to any bathroom renovations.

In my opinion!

Real estate transactions don’t have to be stressful!

In my opinion the easiest way to reduce stress during a real estate transaction is to take the emotion out of it and simply treat it as a business transaction.

Does it make sense to ask the buyer’s REALTOR® to reduce his or her commission during negotiations?

In my opinion it does not make sense to do so.  The buyer’s REALTOR® knows if his or her buyer does not buy one particular property they will buy a different one; therefore, there is very little incentive for a buyer’s REALTOR® to lower his or her commission to pull a particular deal together.

What is the deal with using QR codes in real estate? Do they make sense whatsoever?

Why is my listing REALTOR® not showing my home to his or her buyers?

There are 1230 REALTORS® in Victoria, B.C. The mathematical odds are your listing REALTOR® does not have a buyer for your home, but rather one of the other 1229 REALTORS® does.

Why are we paying property transfer tax on appliances in B.C.?

Most real estate contracts, for example, are written as “$600,000 including all appliances,” however, should we be writing them as “$595,000 and buyer agrees to pay $5,000 for appliances.”  The problem with writing a purchase price including appliances is the buyer is pay 2% property transfer tax on appliances, which are not fixtures to the home.  Does that make sense?