Listing an investment property, tenanted vs vacant? Pros and cons.

Both approaches have their benefits and their challenges. If cash flow is critical; then selling tenanted may be a better approach. If the property does not show very well with the tenants; then selling vacant may be a better approach.

BOSA is back in Victoria to build the third Bayview Place building!

This is going to be another great project that will likely present great pre-sale purchasing opportunities.

Investment condos can be a great longer term vehicle for accumulating wealth.

Short term; however, can be hit and miss.

Buying an investment condo in Victoria, B.C.? Keep it small in great concrete buildings.

Five reasons to buy smaller condos as investment

1. The purchase price to rent ratio advantage, or return on investment

2. The property transfer tax (PTT) advantage.

3. The GST advantage.

4. The municipal property tax and strata fee expense to gross rent ratio.

5. Liquidity and cash flow advantage. When you have three condos worth $200,000 each you are more liquid versus having a $600,000 condo and also there is less vacancy cash flow risk.

Chard Development vs Bosa Properties vs Concert in Victoria, B.C.

Chard Development; the “small guy.”
Bosa Properties; builder first roots.
Concert; organize developer machine.

Spotting great pre-sale condo buying opportunities!

Believe it or not, there are great pre-sale buys out there often as a result of developer oversight in the pricing spreadsheet.

Subject to the sale of a home offers in Victoria, B.C….do they work?

A sellers’ market in the core areas of Victoria combined with re-wording of the time clause paperwork a few years ago doesn’t give sellers a lot of motivation to accepted a subject to the sale of a home offer.

“I work with a network of buyers,” so does that mean statistically you sell your own listings?

Don’t fall for commonly used listing presentations strategies which are not support by statistics.

What percentage of sellers use the same REALTOR® they used to purchase to sell later on?

Approximately only 33% of sellers are using the REALTOR® they used to purchase to help them sell the home down the road. A good measure of a REALTOR®, in my opinion, is the percentage of individuals that purchased with that REALTOR® that use him or to sell.

Very competent REALTOR® that knows the market place and is available all the time? Doesn’t add up.

Reality is very competent REALTORS® are also very busy, for a reason, and it is not realistic for them to be available on super short notice for any individual client.