Failing at Real Estate is usually a result of involving emotion in the transaction.

When shopping for houses, it helps to treat them as direct substitutes such as Coke and Pepsi. If you are set on Coke and won’t consider Pepsi you are more likely to make a bad financial decision.

HPO Office Owner Builder Exam Part 6: If I failed the exam I would sue the “Home Protection Office.”

Home Protection Office, what an ironic name. Protects no one and promotes further unaffordability of homes in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Victoria, B.C., Downtown Condo Pre-Sale Launches in next 60 days; The Wade, 989 Johnson, 595 Pandora

What do I personally look for?

Are REALTOR® reviews really that valuable to the consumer?

As a REALTOR® it is not very difficult to influence your average online REALTOR® review.

Are condos used as Airbnb really that problematic for strata corporations?

Assuming the city zoning allows for Airbnb and the current bylaws don’t restrict vacation rentals is there really a legitimate need to amend the bylaws to restrict Airbnb and vacation rentals?

HPO Office Owner Builder Exam Part 5: more exam questions that won’t help you build your home.

Make sure you know a lot about chimney code and a bunch of other stuff that won’t apply to your personal owner builder home.

HPO Office Owner Builder Exam Part 4: REAL LIFE reasons why the exam is not necessary!

There is already so much red tape involved in building a home that it is impossible to build a home with a vast array for special consultants with a lot of education and training.

HPO Office Owner Builder Exam Part 3: people are pissed off and exam question examples!

A lot of very upset BC residents continue to email me about the new owner builder exam. A number have suggested a class action lawsuit on various basis. Individuals that have written the exam are also frustrated with the type of questions being asked on the exam that don’t translate to the reality of owner building a home.

Vancouver Airbnb crackdown; the art of political scapegoating.

Why doesn’t the government crack down on strata corporation that don’t allow any rentals in their complexes? Because it wouldn’t be a popular political move. Housing inventory used for Airbnb or vacation rentals is well below 1%; therefore, there isn’t too many people to piss off with the crackdown from a political perspective.

September 2016 Real Estate Market Update Victoria, B.C.

It’s still hot.