Allery to losing money on real estate? but not other things?

It seems people find losing money on real estate difficult to grasp, while losing money on other type of assets such as cars seems perfect acceptable.

Investment condo? In my opinion you have to buy small for the best return!

Watch the video for a real life examples of returns on units currently being rented at the Bayview Promontory, 83 Saghalie Road, Victoria, BC.

The Era by Concert at 728 Yates offers solid value with the sale re-launch!

I personally just bought a condo at the Era!

Mere Postings….why does the seller not have an agency relationship with a REALTOR®?

Mere posting demand is on the rise year over year!

Buyer’s Exclusive Agency Contract……would I sign one?

If you are going to sign it read the fine print first!

Why is the seller selling? Well….why are you buying?

First of all, why is the seller selling is not a question that truly pertains to the sale of a property; however, that aside, if you aren’t preapred to answer the questions of “why are you buying,” than you shouldn’t be asking the questions of why is the seller selling. My two cents for today.

Over analysis of negotiations!

Don’t try to over analyse what the other party might be thinking or interpreting – just go with what you personally are comfortable with!

The buyer could care less how much you as the seller are paying in commission!

The buyer is concerned about paying market value for the property, not about the commission.

Is it worth while to low ball overpriced properties? Probably not in my opinion.

I think you are better off waiting for the seller to re-adjust their expectations versus submitting a low ball offer. It is very rare to see properties sell more than 5% off CURRENT ASKING PRICE; however, 5% off ORIGINAL ASKING PRICE is much more common. The difference between original and current asking price is the seller re-adjusting his or her expectations.

May, 2014 Victoria Real Estate sales numbers – over 700 sales!

May, 2014 we saw 714 total sales. This was the first time in 49 months we’ve had over 700 sales. What does it mean for the market going forward?