Why all the stress in real estate transaction?

Real estate transactions do not need to be stressful. Stay calm.

The pre-sale condo market in Victoria, B.C., has the value dried up? October, 2015

In relation to the re-sale market we saw better value in the pre-sale market from 2009 to 2014.

Increasing your chances of having a winning offer in a bidding war.

Currently in Victoria, B.C., with a seller’s market in place a lot of sellers are delaying offers for two to four days to set up multiple bid situations. There is an approach you can take to increase your chances of having the winning bid.

Encore by Bosa a launch success….even I bought a unit personally!

I personally purchased a unit at the Encore, more details at Citified.ca, news story, “Bosa unveils spectacular views and exceptional value with Encore.”

If you are doing a Mere Posting make sure it is listed on the local real estate board!

In Victoria, B.C., surveys show only 1 in 8 buyers use realtor.ca to find their new home; therefore, if your mere posting is just on realtor.ca you are missing a lot of buyers. To get the best exposure go with a mere posting package that includes being upload to the local real estate board database.

Encore by Bosa launch prices approximately 15% higher than Promontory launch…worth it?

I think so, but the market will be the judge.

Pre-sale condo market in Victoria, B.C., trending upwards in pricing.

The Encore by Bosa is an approximately 15% premium over the Bayview Promontory in terms of launch asking prices.

Real estate commissions too high? Government did their job, consumer has not embraced!

There is really no reason to complain about real estate commissions fees as there are many alternative business models out there available to the consumer; however, the consumer has not embraced them in terms of market share.

Mitigating your risk when purchasing in Victoria, B.C. with buried oil tank due diligence.

There are a number of steps you can take to mitigate risk in terms of avoiding purchasing a property with a buried oil tank.

Listing an investment property, tenanted vs vacant? Pros and cons.

Both approaches have their benefits and their challenges. If cash flow is critical; then selling tenanted may be a better approach. If the property does not show very well with the tenants; then selling vacant may be a better approach.