Open wood burning fireplace….are you really going to use it?

70% of my listings with open fireplaces the sellers have not used the fireplace in years….just isn’t really practical!

Baseboard heating in Victoria, B.C., isn’t as bad as people think all things considered.

It is the one type of heating system I regularly see working in original condition in 30-40 year old homes. Will modern gas fireplaces full of electronics last 30-40 years? Maybe, maybe not.

Why is a property already gone by the time we go book a showing? Because the market is crazy!

Why are consumers not embracing alternative commission models in a super-hot real estate market?

6 years later amidst a heated market in Victoria, B.C., I am left scratching my head.

Why do a lot of REALTORS® drive luxury cars? Consumer is naive and it works?

Unfortunately a lot of consumers associate a luxury car with success/competency. From personal experience, driving a nice car helps, but it is not something I would look for in a professional personally.

Single family home affordability in the core, Victoria, B.C.; will we mimic European cities?

In Europe for decades a single family home in the core of a desirable city has typically been out of reach for the average earning family.

5 year investment condo review, downtown Victoria, B.C.

In my 5 years of ownership the condo has appreciated from $198,900 to approximately $230,000 – $235,000 and the mortgage principal has dropped from $158,900 (initial down payment of $40,000 on the $198,900 purchase price) to approximately $139,000. During this time the condo has been cash flow positive every single month.

How much can you save as an owner-builder over hiring a contractor in Victoria, B.C.?

The savings are a little difficult to calculate as owner-building will take time away from your actual career/business. I would owner-build again but only if I was semi-retired or completely retired.

As a REALTOR® can you offer more cash back on a real estate purchase?

I can, but only if you as the consumer are willing to embrace a fee for service model.

Investment condos in Victoria, B.C. What to look for in terms of strata bylaws and rental ratios.

Not only do you want to buy into a building where rentals are unrestricted, but ideally you buy into an unrestricted building where the ratio of rented units to owner-occupiers is low.