What percentage of sellers use the same REALTOR® they used to purchase to sell later on?

Approximately only 33% of sellers are using the REALTOR® they used to purchase to help them sell the home down the road. A good measure of a REALTOR®, in my opinion, is the percentage of individuals that purchased with that REALTOR® that use him or to sell.

Very competent REALTOR® that knows the market place and is available all the time? Doesn’t add up.

Reality is very competent REALTORS® are also very busy, for a reason, and it is not realistic for them to be available on super short notice for any individual client.

In a hot real estate market why on earth would you pay the traditional commission structure?

Doesn’t make sense to me, but the majority of the consumers continue to pay large fees to have their property often sell in a matter of days.

Real Estate Market in Victoria, B.C., First Quarter 2015 Performance

The first quarter of 2015 has been the best first quarter we’ve seen in the last five years and things continue to heat up with high sales volume and relatively low new and active inventory.

Custom upgrades can decrease or not improve re-sale value!

Turning a three bedroom home into a two bedroom home with an ensuite and walk-in closet actually may decrease value despite the large capital investment.

REALTORS® submitting quotes/bids to list a property?

If you want to renovate your home you’ll probably get various bids/quotes for the work. Why not receive various bids/quotes to list your property?

2015 property assessments in Victoria, B.C.!

Property assessments are a good gauge of the overall market; however, they are not a good indicator of market value on any specific property.

What to look for in terms of an investment property?

Some of the basics include the return on investment (ROI).

Is investing through rental properties a good way to go?

In Victoria the return on investment properties is very low; therefore, having the bulk of your investment in real estate may not always be the best option. Diversification into other investments can be important.

Should you pay cash for a property? (When you have cash available for the purchase)

When you have cash it might not be beneficial to pay all cash in a low interest environment.