B.C. to end self-regulation of real estate….maybe not a bad idea.

Just look at REALTOR® advertising.

Constructing an Owner-Built Home in Victoria, B.C., Part #36 – NEW HPO Owner-builder Exam?

As of July 4th, 2016 owner-builders in B.C. have to write, and pass, an exam for their application to be approved. The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard off.

Is it time to sell rental properties in Victoria, B.C. due to market value appreciation?

Market value of condos in Victoria, B.C., has gone up drastically in the last 12 months; however, rents haven’t gone up the same extent which means returns are dropping. Does it make sense to sell and re-invest the profits? Maybe not when you factor in transaction costs and capital gains taxes.

What do H&M T-Shirts and real estate commissions have in common? Nothing.

H&M T-Shirt pricing actually makes sense, real estate commissions not so much.

Is the consumer not smart enough to embrace alternative real estate commission models?

Despite the red hot market alternative commission models are not making any strides in terms of market share.

The hottest real estate market in the history of the VREB. Advice for sellers/buyers?

Advice for sellers would be only sell if you have a plan in place moving forward and unfortunately for buyers the only advice to secure an attractive property in the core is to be an irrational buyer.

Electric car charging in strata corporations/condos, Victoria, B.C.

What does the future hold?

When should you list a home if you want the sale to complete in a certain month?

When you are aiming for a target completion date on your sale there are both risks to listings your home too early, or too late.

Chattels vs fixtures; TV brackets and window coverings!

Revealing too much about your home sale or purchase on social media? Maybe not so wise!

If you are going to post your home selling or buying activities on Facebook, Instagram or other social media make sure the settings are set to private; otherwise, the other party maybe able to leverage what you’ve divulged in negations.