Pre-Sale Cash Back

What’s the Deal?

Pre-sales units sold by the developer typically sell at the list price with little or no negotiation room.  In the past buyers had two options.  For example, if a buyer was interested in a $300,000 pre-sale condo he or she could visit the developer’s showroom and enter into a contract for $300,000 – in this situation the buyer has no representation. Option two was to use a buyer’s agent (REALTOR®), the buyer would still enter into a contract for $300,000; however, the developer may pay the buyer’s agent a commission of 3.0%100k + 1.5%balance* or $6,000.  As you can see, developers prefer to generate sales directly from the showroom as they don’t have to pay out a commission.  Most developers count on approximately 70% of their sales being directly through the showroom as it is their direct benefit.

How does the Pre-Sale Cash Back Program Work?

The Pre-Sale Cash Back Program works by you using my services to represent you on your pre-sale purchase.  I’ve made it very simple, I keep the commission on the first $100,000 and I give you the remainder of the commission on above $100,000.  Not only are you able to achieve the best possible net price; you also receive representation from a top producing pre-sale REALTOR® who can help guide you through the process while avoiding common pitfalls.

My representation includes an in-depth knowledge of the Victoria pre-sale market; developers; comparable market analysis; review of disclosure statements and contracts; review of unit floor plans and blueprints; building review; understanding of assignment sales and much more!  I also share a strong personal interest for pre-sales. In 2009 I purchased a unit at the 834 by Chard Development, in 2011 I purchased a unit at the Promontory by BOSA, and in 2014 I purchased at the ERA by Concert.  I still own all three as investment units.

*Note: this offer only applies to those individuals looking specifically for pre-sales and only at pre-sales.  It is not applicable if you have engaged my services to view re-sale properties prior to entering into a pre-sale contract.


*Actual commission may be higher or lower. 6.0%100k+3.0%balance used for illustration purposes only.*